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Sneak Preview: Customizable Tab Bar

Sat, 24 Apr 2010 01:12:55 +0200

Toolbar customization for the tab bar, coming to Firefox trunk soon if everything goes well:

default configuration

new-tab button, tabs, all-tabs button

reload, tabs, spacer, new-tab button

back & forward, reload, location bar, tabs

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13 Antworten auf Sneak Preview: Customizable Tab Bar

  1. Kurt (supernova_00) meint 2010-04-24:

    Sweet, I can’t wait!

  2. Harsh meint 2010-04-24:


  3. SilverWave meint 2010-04-24:

    How will this work with tabs on the left…

    AKA Tree Style Tabs

    Are you going to build in support?

    Wide Monitors are fantastic for this.

  4. dao meint 2010-04-24:

    I don’t think there are plans to offer tabs on the left without an extension.

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  6. Damian meint 2010-04-26:

    As someone who used to use the old builds of Firefox I’m very happy.

    When tabs could be dragged like any other object the UI customizability felt like it took a HUGE step towards consistency. I hope these new patches have the same sort of effect!

  7. Tiago Sá meint 2010-04-27:

    Yeah, this is fantastic :) I don’t think I’ll change it a lot, but at least I’ll have some control, which is awesome.

  8. d.phens meint 2010-04-28:

    Tabbed browsing is the area where most GUI-related addons could fall into.
    Tree style tabs, tab previews, Colorful tabs, Tab mix plus…

    Each introduces author’s unique coding style, their concepts and purpose overlap, introducing leaks and bugs when used several together more often than not.

    Opera already offers vertical tab bar with page previews.
    In Firefox, you’re left with 20 tabs to see at most to read at least a few letters of the tab title, even with a really large resolution display.

    Besides proper session management it’s the basic old thing that must be addressed in FF4.0, finally!
    That and a few UI hacks (autohide menubar+toolbar, drag-to-scroll, resizable textarea) are absolutely necessary, rather than arguing about yet another default theme modification or renaming menu items.

  9. Natanael L meint 2010-04-28:

    This is cool! I can’t wait to try it out! What options will be in it?

    If this stays in Firefox 4, then my worries about not having the tabs nearest to the page is gone.

  10. MJae meint 2010-05-06:


    Looking forward to this feature…

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  12. Adrian McNeil meint 2011-05-22:

    Hi. I really miss Aging Tabs in FF4
    I browse on one or two topics in detail and like to keep track of the active [yellow] and recent [hot colours red- orange] tabs . Older are blue to easy-on-the-eyes green. Saturated pastels mostly. Functional and cheerful.

    The grey-on-grey FF4 look reminds me of Microsoft Office shifting to silver-grey, bluegrey or dark grey theme choice , even overriding system theme. These are two of my greater disappointments since firing up Mosaic in the mists of history.
    Aging tabs was great. Others miss it too. There is nothing else that does this job automatically.

    How hard are these things to upgrade? Can you restore it?
    Could it go into core FF4.3, say?
    Could someone [someone other than me, I guess I mean] take over this add-on?
    Warm regards,

  13. Kat meint 2011-05-28:

    I’m with Adrian on this. I really really want this add-on. To the point where I might go back to my previous version of FF.

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