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Firefox 3.6 plays HTML5 videos in full screen

Fri, 02 Oct 2009 15:09:16 +0200

This is a central feature that HTML5 videos in Firefox lacked compared to flash videos. What we’ve implemented now is a start and still rough around the edges: the only UI to get into full-screen mode is a context menu item, switching to full-screen playback isn’t as seamless as it should be, the controls haven’t been optimized for that mode, and upscaling isn’t accelerated. Nevertheless, it works.

To test this, just get the latest branch or trunk nightly and visit an open video source of your choice. I believe the biggest ones are still TinyVid, Wikimedia Commons and The Video Bay. openvideo.dailymotion.com won’t work because it prevents the user from opening a video’s context menu.

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5 Antworten auf Firefox 3.6 plays HTML5 videos in full screen

  1. Firefox 3.6 gets full screen native video - Mozilla Links meint 2009-10-02:

    […] There’s still a half second pause while switching modes that should be ironed in the next days, but is far better than the current Full Screen extension which forced a full video restart when switching modes.Neat! […]

  2. Lennie meint 2009-10-04:

    That together with the work on seek performance ( http://pearce.org.nz/2009/09/ogg-video-seek-performance-improvements.html ) and better quality in Theora 1.1 finally means it’s mature.

  3. Jens meint 2009-10-06:

    How is the video rendered? Still wholly in software? Bad performance on older CPUs …

    There’s a reason why direct rendering infrastructure exists.

  4. Drazick meint 2009-10-09:

    Does FF 3.6 include the latest Theora Decoder (1.1)?

  5. dao meint 2009-10-09:

    It will, yes.

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