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Basic support for lightweight theming landed

Sat, 05 Sep 2009 15:46:48 +0200

Starting with the very latest nightly, lightweight themes can be applied to XUL windows.

There’s no UI for installing or managing these themes, but you can still test it. Just open the Error Console and execute this:

Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/LightweightThemeManager.jsm"); LightweightThemeManager.currentTheme = {id:"2538",name:"LOLFace",dominantColor:"#6b6b6b",textColor:"white",headerURL:"http://getpersonas.com/static/3/8/2538/LOL.png",footerURL:"http://getpersonas.com/static/3/8/2538/LOL2.png"}

Your Firefox main window should now be styled with an example theme, and this should persist across sessions. To get rid of it again, execute this:

Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/LightweightThemeManager.jsm"); LightweightThemeManager.currentTheme = null

The next steps will be to list lightweight themes in the Add-ons manager and to provide a way to install them from the Web.

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13 Antworten auf Basic support for lightweight theming landed

  1. Pino meint 2009-09-05:

    In what way will this be combined to theming? I like personas, but the relation between personas and themes is pretty confusing to me, despite me trying to follow this a bit. For ’normal‘ people I imagine the confusion will be greater.
    Themes usually bring their own background, do these get replaced or does this feature only work on the default theme? If they get replaced, shouldn’t themes merely become iconsets (that can possibly bring their own personas with it)? The fact that themes and lightweight themes overlap (If I understand correctly) is strange, separating them by making one about background other about icons might solve that.

  2. Dan meint 2009-09-05:

    Cool, as long as this is secure so that random webpages can’t change it! I wouldn’t want it to be like how webpages used to be able to change the colour of scrollbars in IE

  3. dao meint 2009-09-05:

    Pino, for 3.6 they will be presented just like themes in the add-ons manager and only work with the default theme.

    Dan, only whitelisted sites will be allowed to do it without the user’s confirmation.

  4. Philippe meint 2009-09-06:

    dao (in comment 3):
    Dan, only whitelisted sites will be allowed to do it without the user’s confirmation.
    What does that mean ? Who does the whitelisting ? The User ? MoCo ? If the latter, that opens the door for a deep pocketed site to inject publicity into the chrome…

  5. dao meint 2009-09-06:

    By default, addons.mozilla.org and getpersonas.com will be whitelisted.

  6. fsync meint 2009-09-06:

    How are light-weight themes different from Personas? Is it the same idea, without requiring the Personas add-on?

  7. dao meint 2009-09-06:

    Yes, this is based on Personas, but doesn’t require the add-on.

  8. Hass Sumen (hhh) meint 2009-09-11:

    dao, why are they only going to work with the default theme, and is that only meant to be temporary? I ask for selfish reasons;~) I’ve been keeping Orbit alive sporadically for a few years now, and recently resurrected it again. When developing this latest incarnation, Ed Hume commented that it worked beautifully with Personas…

    Vielen Dank.

  9. dao meint 2009-09-11:

    I hope it will be temporary, but that’s not clear yet.

  10. Oxymoronical » Blog Archive » Lightweight themes UI landed meint 2009-09-18:

    […] parts that allow users to see and select between lightweight themes they have used recently. Dão landed most of the backend last week  but we’re still waiting on the support for installing new lightweight themes […]

  11. $D$ meint 2009-09-20:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to call these „skins“ instead?

  12. dao meint 2009-09-20:

    I don’t think users would understand the difference between skins and themes.

  13. Alfred Kayser meint 2009-10-02:

    can you please make sure that there will be a possibility for non-default themes to be activated with a lwtheme? For this purpose, I have raised:
    Bug 520124 – Enable to activate a ‚heavy weight theme‘ together with ‚lwtheme‘.
    Greetings, Alfred

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